Tuesday, July 07, 8:00PM EDT
111 Your Street, Your Town, MA 02139

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From Zimbabwe, Mokoomba brings an exuberant energy to pan-African music with a unique mix of funk, ska, soukous, salsa, and Afro-Cuban music. Pulling in influences from South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, and Jamaican dancehall, the band plays a driving, soaring set of electric numbers creating infectious, enjoyable and extremely danceable music. 

Global Arts Live will be presenting a prerecorded Mokoomba concert facilitated by Cultural Connections Africa (CCA) through their Sounds From Africa series. Sounds From Africa was created as a direct response to COVID-19 in order to help foster communication and cultural awareness in a time of isolation. Donations made at will be shared between Mokoomba, Global Arts Live, and CCA’s enterprises in cultural development on the African continent.

Stream the preprecorded concert on the Global Arts Live Facebook and YouTube pages at 8pm EST on July 7.

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A special thanks to Abudi Consulting Group for supporting this livestream.

Mokoomba - Masangango (Zimbabwe)