Goodbye from Intern Drew

Today is my last day as an intern at World Music/CRASHarts, and I already miss it. I came to this company because I supported the shows that they presented. As I leave, I will remember the friendly faces, the accepting atmosphere, and the valuable things that I’ve had the opportunity to learn during my time here. Although I am sad to leave, I know that I will see everyone from the office at future shows, running behind the scenes to make each and every performance as incredible as the last.

Thanks World Music/CRASHarts, see you later!

Here's some photos (courtesy of our volunteer Charline) of Drew performing with his group Galak Tika at MIT's Kresge Auditorium this April. I highly suggest you check them out next time they play!
Galak Tika 1Galak Tika 2Galak Tika 3Galak Tika 4

(PS. This was written last week, I only just got around to posting it today... it's been a busy couple weeks!)