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  • The seven members look at the camera and stand in front of a red brick wall. They wear blue and black robes. An orange banner over the image reads "rescheduled"
    Due to the recent Covid-19 surge, the January 28 Ladysmith Black Mambazo performance is being  postponed to later this season. We are currently working on confirming the new date and will update this page as soon as it is finalized.  With the power of gospel and the precision of Broadway, Ladysmith... MORE »
  • A circular image of the 4 members of Caravan Palace in front of a light background. The 1st person on the left has light skin & wavy blonde jaw-length hair. He has a white shirt & a light blue sweater. The 2nd person is shorter with dark hair in an updo. She has a white button-up shirt & a black jacket. The 3rd person is taller, with light skin & short dark hair with a short beard. He wears a black jacket over a white t-shirt. The last person has light skin with beard a blue shirt.
    Paris-based electro swing band Caravan Palace delivers a rip-roaring party bursting with hedonistic house and vintage sounds to euphoric effect.   Presented in association with Crossroads Presents.Subscription discounts are not available for this concert.  Keeping everyone safe is our top... MORE »
  • The 5 members of Le Vent du Nord stand in front of a white background holding their instruments.
    Le Vent du Nord (The North Wind) is a leading force in Quebec's progressive folk revival movement. Drawing from  French, Irish, and Canadian traditions, the band blends vocals, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, guitar, accordion, and percussive feet to create a joyous new sound that swings, reels, jigs, and... MORE »
  • A dancer dances with her right leg slightly up in the air and her left armed raised above her head. Her right arm is by her side
    Subject:Matter explores where tap dance has been, where it’s going, and what it looks like right now. The company and its touring band will perform Songbook, a reimagining of beloved tunes from the Great American Songbook featuring some of New England's best tap dancers and musicians. Keeping... MORE »
  • February 06
    SanDance! is an independent 60” documentary covering the age-old dance culture of Africa’s San (Bushman) First Peoples. Filmed in Namibia and Botswana, SanDance! immerses viewers in the trance healing dance at the heart of San culture and follows dancers from remote Kalahari villages to... MORE »
  • Rudresh stands in front of a black background. He has dark skin and wears a black tie-up shirt and pants, with a jacket with a flower pattern. He looks at the camera and holds a saxophone at his side.
    One of the era’s definitive saxophonists, Rudresh Mahanthappa pays tribute to his greatest influences and inspirations such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Lee Konitz, Ornette Coleman, Keith Jarrett, Johnny Cash, and Stevie Wonder.  Presented with characteristically original... MORE »
  • Band leader Sunny Jain stands with right arm straight in the air and left arm holds a microphone. A dhol drum is draped over her shoulder.
    From Brooklyn, Red Baraat merges hard-driving North Indian bhangra with elements of hip-hop, jazz, and raw punk energy. Red Baraat Festival of Colors is an immersive celebration of Holi, a Hindu holiday marked by public gatherings of families, friends, and strangers rejoicing in song... MORE »
  • Woman in black and green dance dances in the center flanked by woman with black and green dress to her left and man with guitar on her right
    March 11
    Newpoli  traverses time, culture, and musical styles as it shares modernized taranta music from southern Italy and surrounding countries. The high-energy ensemble stirs up a mesmerizing sound that melds traditional Italian folk music, Greek and Turkish grooves, Mediterranean and Spanish colors,... MORE »
  • Yamato plays the drums. A red "Cancelled" banner runs along the bottom.
    The tour of Yamato The Drummers of Japan that was scheduled to begin in January has been canceled in its entirety due to the recent COVID-19 surge. This includes the performance on March 12, 2022 at Berklee Performance Center.
  • Sona is on stage singing into a microphone and plays an acoustic guitar. She has dark skin and hair that is breaded and wears a colorful shirt and gold earrings.
    Born into a griot family from The Gambia that includes her legendary cousin, Toumani Diabaté, Sona Jobarteh is the first woman within the tradition to become a professional virtuoso on the kora, a West African stringed instrument. Effortlessly blending different musical styles, Jobarteh and her... MORE »
  • A dancer with chin length gray hair looks down to their left, bends over slightly with arms outstretched and left leg bent at the knee with foot in the air. The dancer wears red pants and a brown, blue, and white sleeveless button up shirt.
    Experience an exciting weekend of dance  featuring 18 New England  dance artists.  The weekend’s three distinct performances are part of  the Regional Dance Development Initiative, a program of the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA). FRI, MAR 18Aretha Aoki, Ian Berg, Sarah Duclos, Lauren... MORE »
  • Marisa Monte stormed onto the music scene in her native Brazil in the late 1980s and has remained center stage ever since. Releasing one wildly successful project after another, this 4-time Latin GRAMMY winner, is recognized as the greatest Brazilian singer of her generation. In addition to her... MORE »
  • The 6 members of Las  Cafeteras stand at the side of the road in front of a car.
    Born in the streets of Los Angeles,  Las  Cafeteras  is known for its vibrant live performances that  remix  Latin  roots music  in  what the  Los Angeles Times calls a “uniquely  Angeleno  mishmash of punk, hip-hop, beat music,  cumbia,  and rock. . . . Live, they’re magnetic.”    Keeping everyone... MORE »
  • A circular image of Seckou Keita and Omar Sosa stand in front of a field. Seckou is dark skinned and wears a white skull cap and a light pink robe with a blue front. Omar has a medium skin tone and wears a white hat and scraf with a pink shirt.
    One of Cuba’s most prolific jazz artists, pianist Omar Sosa, and Senegalese kora master Seckou Keita create exquisitely beautiful music that spans jazz, Latin, and African influences. Joined by inimitable Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo Ovalles, they are touring in support of their second album, ... MORE »
  • L. Shankar is front of a black background and plays a 10-string double violin. He has dark skin and red hair that goes past his shoulders.
    L. Shankar, renowned for his deeply soulful performances of Indian classical music, is a soloist who has also accompanied many of South India’s leading vocalists.  In the 1970s, he cofounded the innovative Indo-jazz group Shakti with John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, and Vikku Vinayakram.  In the... MORE »
  • Lido Pimienta wears a multicolor highly textured outfit with a long blonde wig and silver tiara
    An Afro-indigenous, queer feminist born in Colombia and based in Toronto, Lido Pimienta creates an ecstatic musical hybrid of electronic music and cumbia. Simultaneously defiant and delicate, her soprano voice anchors swirling basslines and strings in confrontational songs about love, politics,... MORE »
  • 3 members of Les Filles de Illighadad are on stage i front of a brick wall wearing robes and head scarves. Two play guitars and the other plays the drums.
    Les Filles de Illighadad (daughters of Illighadad, Niger) take Tuareg, desert blues guitar music and fuse it with tendé, a hypnotic and spiritual style of chanting traditionally performed by women with accompanying percussion. Celebrated as one of the first female Tuareg guitar bands, the group is... MORE »
  • Four members of DakhaBrakha stand in front of a river. They are dressed in black robes. Three of them wear fuzzy black hats and hold silver fish. The fourth wears a white fuzzy hat and holds a piece of bread.
    Drones, beats, and towering black lamb's-wool hats all serve as a striking backdrop to the Ukrainian folk-punk quartet DakhaBrakha. With one foot in the urban avant-garde and the other rooted in Ukrainian village culture, the group's self-proclaimed "ethno-chaos" is a refreshingly novel vision of... MORE »
  • A headshot of Zakir Hussain. He has dark hair and skin and wears a gray jacket.
    World-famous  tabla  virtuoso Zakir Hussain, master veena player Jayanthi  Kumaresh,  and renowned violinist Kala Ramnath perform a brilliant evening of Indian music.    Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. Please see our Exchange/Refund Policy & COVID-19 Safety Protocols. You might also... MORE »
  • Lila Downs poses in front of a table that has bowls of peppers on it. Lila holds a basket of dried peppers above her head. She wears a colorful dress, 6 bracelets on her left arm, circular tan earrings, and red lipstick. Her dark hair is in braided pigtails.
    Iconic GRAMMY-winning singer Lila Downs bridges traditions from across the Americas, with influences ranging from the folk and ranchera music of Mexico and South America to North American folk, jazz, blues, and hip-hop. As a passionate human-rights activist, Downs writes lyrics  that  often... MORE »
  • A circular image of the Blind Boys of Alabama, with Amadou and Mariam standing between them. The Blind Boys are wearing black suits with white shirts and bow ties. Miriam is wearing a white dress with a light green pattern and a light green head wrap. Amadou is wearing an aqua tunic with gold embroidery. They are dark skinned and wear glasses. Behind them are green trees and a blue sky with a white cloud.
    Mali’s Afropop duo Amadou & Mariam and gospel legends Blind Boys of Alabama share a soul-stirring music that knows no borders.   With sunny charm and irresistible grooves, Amadou & Mariam remain true to their roots in West African blues-rock. The husband-and-wife duo who met almost 45 years... MORE »
  • Three dancers are on stage. They have dark skin and wear orange, lacy robes, and straw hats.
    Cambridge-based contemporary dance company Jean Appolon Expressions (JAE) explores themes that are vital to Haitian and immigrant experiences. Weaving modern technique with Haitian folkloric dance, JAE sparks healing for dancers and audiences alike. The company will perform the World premiere of... MORE »
  • Two dancers all face forward with left legs swinging behind them. Black text over an orange banner reads "New Date"
    This performance was rescheduled from January 22, 2022. MacArthur Fellow Michelle Dorrance is “the most exciting and original choreographer in tap today" (The New York Times). She honors tap dance’s unique American tradition while pushing the form rhythmically, aesthetically, and conceptually. ... MORE »
  • A dancer in a black flowing outfit leaps in the air with their right leg bent and left leg extended behind them. Their right arm is down against their side and their left arm is extended behind them. Black text over an orange banner reads, "NEW DATE."
    This performance was rescheduled from January 29, 2022. Ronald K. Brown and his extraordinary  EVIDENCE, A Dance Company explore dance idioms from across the African diaspora, mixing Cuban, Caribbean, West African, and contemporary American dance forms to create high-energy works that joyously... MORE »
  • One dance stands in the background slouched over wearing a black tank top, holding another dancer in the foreground that wears a grey sports top. The dancer in the foreground has their right arm extended above their head and their left arm at an angle below them. They are being held up by the dancer in the background. Black text over orange banner reads "NEW DATE"
    This performance was rescheduled from January 15, 2022.Cuba’s stunning contemporary dance company,  Malpaso Dance Company, is committed to working with top international choreographers while also nurturing new voices in Cuban dance. The company’s passionate, fluidly... MORE »
  • Yann Tiersen sits in profile with his left side showing. Both hands rest on the keys of a piano. The lighting is tinged blue and he wears a short sleeved top.
    French composer and multi-instrumentalist Yann Tiersen creates fragile, evocative compositions filled with achingly beautiful melodies. Although he is perhaps best known for his music being used for the award-winning soundtrack for the film Amélie, that only scratches the surface of his rich... MORE »
  • Altan holding their instruments and looking at camera in front of stone wall.
    Regarded by many as the world's finest traditional Irish band, Altan is renowned for its heartwarming, dynamic live performances that range from touching ballads to hard-hitting reels and jigs. Throughout its career Altan has shown an unwavering commitment to the beauty of traditional music,... MORE »
  • Coeur de Pirate stands in a long sleeved blue sparkly dress leaning with her left arm on a white piano. She looks down at the piano.
    Cœur de Pirate (French for pirate heart) is the stage name for award-winning French-Canadian singer-songwriter and pianist Béatrice Martin. Her magical pop songs blend cabaret music, French lyrics, and playful indie sensibilities. She will be performing a special acoustic concert of her favorite... MORE »