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COVID-19 Concert Update

The health and safety of audiences, artists and staff remains our top priority. As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, we have made the difficult decision to cancel or reschedule many of our upcoming concerts. More information »

  • Zeshan B wearing a dark hoodie and sitting under a bridge
    June 09
    Chicago soul-singer Zeshan B is next up in the Global Arts Live livestream series. Zeshan B takes the blaring tanpura and harmonium from early Indo-Pakistani film and folk music and blends it with hard-driving rhythms and a lot of soul. He pours his heart out in English, Urdu, and Punjabi as he... MORE »
  • Purnima in a squat position with her left hand in the air wearing black leggings and a yellow tshirt
    June 13
    Breakup your home workout routine or start a new one with this fun BollyX class given by our board member, Purnima Thakre. BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that cycles between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating, and smiling. She's hosting a... MORE »
  • Antibalas performing live. Chinese lanterns hang in the air and the frontman is holding the mic stand in the air. A green colored "rescheduled" banner goes across the image.
    September 16
    Called “one of the world’s finest Afrobeat bands” by The Guardian, Antibalas adds its distinct New York City grit to the classic Afrobeat sound. Over the past two decades, Antibalas members have appeared alongside some of today’s biggest stars, including Beyoncé, The Roots, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars... MORE »
  • Harold Lopez-Nussa sitting on a white piano against a painted background with a "rescheduled" banner over the image
    October 28
    One of the brightest lights on Havana’s thriving jazz scene, Harold López-Nussa is a musician with astonishing gifts, combining dazzling technique and an abundance of soul. A classically trained pianist and composer, López-Nussa integrates his love of jazz improvisation with his Cuban roots. The... MORE »
  • Zakir Hussain wearing a khaki colored top with his hands hovering over the tabla, with a "rescheduled" banner over the image
    Rhythm and Raga brings world-famous tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain and renowned violinist Kala Ramnath together for a brilliant evening of traditional Indian classical music. This concert has been rescheduled from Apr 12, Sanders Theatre. On sale date TBA.
  • Charlie Parker in tuxedo playing saxophone passionately with a green "rescheduled" banner over the image
    Fly Higher honors Charlie Parker’s centennial year by showcasing Bird’s uncompromising musical joy, humor, and beauty by mining his deep repertoire and showcasing new, modern compositions. Acclaimed co–musical directors Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophone) and Terri LyneCarrington (drums) are... MORE »
  • Newpoli performs against a gray background with a "rescheduled" banner over the image
    January 21
    Newpoli crosses through time, culture, and musical styles as it performs modernized taranta music from southern Italy and surrounding countries. The high-energy ensemble stirs up a mesmerizing sound that melds traditional Italian folk music, Greek and Turkish grooves, Mediterranean and Spanish... MORE »
  • Male Malpaso dancer in gray shirt holding a female dancer with long hair behind him, her hand gripped on his thighs, against a red background with a "rescheduled" banner over it
    An exceptional contemporary company from Cuba, Malpaso Dance Company is committed to working with top international choreographers while also nurturing new voices in Cuban choreography. Passionate, fluidly athletic dancers perform Indomitable Waltz by Aszure Barton; Carrying Floor, a solo danced... MORE »
  • Mariza standing with her arms holding up a beautifully detailed green, silver, and black dress while looking off to the side with a "rescheduled" banner over the image
    Portuguese fado star Mariza has become one of the most widely acclaimed stars on the global stage. Whether singing traditional numbers or new songs, she honors the legacy of fado with her clarion voice and mesmerizing stage presence. This concert has been rescheduled from May 10, Berklee... MORE »
  • Black and white photo of Ana Moura where she's looking directly into the camera and smiling with a "rescheduled" banner across the image
    Exquisite vocalist Ana Moura possesses a sound unlike any other in fado. Her voice strolls freely through the Portuguese tradition, flirting elegantly with pop and broadening the soul-baring genre with stunning results. This concert has been rescheduled from Jun 26, Berklee Performance Center. On... MORE »
  • Lila Downs with a crown of peppers on her head with a black background with a banner reading "rescheduled" over the image
    Iconic Grammy-winning singer Lila Downs bridges traditions from across the Americas, with influences ranging from the folk and ranchera music of Mexico and South America to North American folk, jazz, blues, and hip-hop. As a passionate human-rights activist, Lila write lyric that often highlight... MORE »
  • Raphael Zavier in a white suit with black shirt and sneakers holding his left foot behind him with right hand, left arm extended in front of him with a "rescheduled" banner over the image
    Known for his “artful and mesmerizing” (Dance Magazine) take on hip-hop and Breaking, Raphael Xavier takes this movement vocabulary to uncharted territory with a transcendent mix of poetry, precision, and spontaneity. His new work, Sassafrazz: From Roots to Mastery, explores the three stages of... MORE »
  • Beatrice Martin in yellow sitting on white chair gazing into distance in front of green wall with a "rescheduled" banner over the image
    Cœur de Pirate (French for pirate heart) is the stage name for award-winning French-Canadian singer-songwriter and pianist Béatrice Martin. Her whimsical, magical pop songs blend cabaret music, French lyrics, and playful indie sensibilities. She will be performing a special acoustic concert of her... MORE »
  • The 4 members of DuoDuo in assorted positions with a pink and gray background with a "rescheduled" banner over the image
    DuoDuo brings together the duo of Celtic cellist Natalie Haas and Québécois guitarist Yann Falquet with the duo of Scottish harpist Maeve Gilchrist and Michigan-born percussive dancer Nic Gareiss. With four individually powerful artists from Irish, Québécois, Scottish, and folk traditions, the... MORE »