List of Events

  • A dancer has their leg up in the air and their toes pointed. They are wearing a purple and blue leotard and have their head to the side and their arms are out to the side. They are standing in front of a gray background.
    BalletX, Philadelphia’s premier contemporary ballet company, unites distinguished choreographers with outstanding world-class dancers to forge new works of athleticism, emotion, and grace. Hailed as “among America’s best” by the New York Times and “technically brilliant” by the Boston Globe, ... MORE »
  • Talisk is standing in front of a sky background. They are all wearing black jackets, black jeans, and pattered button ups. They all have short brown hair and are holding various instruments.
    Ground-breaking, chart-topping, genre-bending, and instantly enthralling, Scotland’s Talisk play a bold, innovative, and multi-layered folk music that’s captivating audiences around the globe. You might also like Kaki King and Le Vent du Nord.
  • Juan de Marcos is smiling and holding an instrument. They are wearing a black suit with a red tie and a black beret and their hair is gray and in long locs.
    After gaining international fame for reviving classic Cuban music, tres master Juan de Marcos has turned the Afro-Cuban All Stars into a sensational showcase for Cuba’s most prodigious young musicians. While long revered as a founding member of Cuba’s great revival band Sierra Maestra, de Marcos is... MORE »
  • Two members of The Hot Sardines. The person on the left is wearing a black suit and a red tie with a black hat. The person on the right is wearing plaid pants, a black shirt, and has short blond hair. Their mouths are open as if they're singing, and there's a piano behind them.
    The Hot Sardines effortlessly channel New York speakeasies, Parisian cabarets, and New Orleans jazz halls to transform songs from past eras into music for the 21st century.   You might also like Suitcase Stories and Le Vent du Nord.
  • Red Baraat band members are on stage holding various instruments and are all wearing white jumpsuits with flowers painted on. The two members in the center are jumping.
    From Brooklyn, Red Baraat merges hard-driving North Indian bhangra with elements of hip-hop, jazz, and raw punk energy. Red Baraat Festival of Colors is an immersive celebration of Holi, a Hindu holiday marked by public gatherings of families, friends, and strangers rejoicing in song, dance, and... MORE »
  • Six dancers wearing minimal skin-colored clothing are posed in abstract positions, all gazing in the same direction.
    March 17 2023, March 18 2023
    With exciting, diverse choreography and stellar dancers, New York City–based Gibney Company is a world-class contemporary dance company that presents a breadth of works by emerging and renowned choreographers. The new collective of 13 powerhouse performers takes the stage with moving, technically... MORE »
  • 6 members look at the camera and stand in front of a red brick wall. They wear blue and black robes.
    March 19 2023
    With the power of gospel and the precision of Broadway, Ladysmith Black Mambazo is the undisputed king of mbube, South African a cappella singing. The multi-Grammy-winning group came together in the early 1960s and continues to thrill audiences around the world with its strong, proud melodies... MORE »
  • Four people stand crouched in front of large drums in front of them, all with drum sticks in their hands. The two people in front have long black hair, while the others have short black hair. They all wear black pants and leather jackets.
    A thrilling all-male percussive dance group from Argentina, Malevo specializes in Malambo, a traditional Argentine folk dance, and merges it with urban percussion and other dance styles. Named an official Cultural Ambassador to the National Identity of Argentina, the group has appeared with Latin... MORE »
  • Kaki King is looking seriously at the camera. One of their arms and their chin rest on a drum. The other arm is holding the bottom of a guitar and a pink light shines on the image.
    Considered to be one of the world’s greatest living guitarists, composer, and musician Kaki King is on a constant quest to push the boundaries of her instrument. Hailed by Rolling Stone as “a genre unto herself,” King presents Everybody Loves You: 20th Anniversary to celebrate the 20 years since... MORE »
  • Five members of Le Vent du Nord stand on stage, bathed in blue and white lights, in front of a big audience
    March 29 2023
    Le Vent du Nord (The North Wind) is a leading force in Quebec's progressive folk revival movement. Drawing from  French, Irish, and Canadian traditions, the band blends vocals, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, guitar, accordion, and percussive feet to create a joyous new sound that swings, reels, jigs, and... MORE »
  • A circular image of a person with short black curly hair wearing a pattered set of a yellow shirt and matching pants. They are smiling while looking at the ground and holding their hands in the air.
    April 01 2023
    Suitcase Stories®  features foreign- and US-born residents sharing powerful and inspiring stories of refugee and immigrant life. Featured nationally on WORLD Channel and PBS, the Suitcase Stories® series provides a way to dig beneath the headlines, exposing audiences to the complexity of migration... MORE »
  • A circular image of a group of men with long black and brown hair are dressed in red and black. They are holding up a large drum which is being played by a man in blue pants and an open black shirt.
    Yamato’s new show, Hinotori—The Wings of Phoenix, is a thrilling, high-energy interpretation of the centuries-old Japanese taiko tradition. With virtuosity, strength, spirit, and sheer endurance, Yamato displays its breathtaking performance on more than 20 drums as well as with bronze cymbals,... MORE »
  • A person with straight dark brown hair sits at a table wearing a green dress. They are surrounded by 3 others, to her right a person sits with a yellow outfit and hat with another person in pink standing behind them and a person in a blue hat and shirt stands to theirleft
    First-generation New Yorkers with Colombian backgrounds, Combo Chimbita play a psychedelic, punk-laden "tropical futurism" based on cumbia and an inventive combination of rhythms and sounds from Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. You might also like Omar Sosa + Seckou Keita.
  • Bassekou wears a purple and white traditional African shirt holds his ngoni sitting on the edge of a white art installation
    Bassekou Kouyate is a true master of the ngoni, a traditional lute found across West Africa. The music he coaxes from this simple instrument is extraordinary—intricately woven lines, crisp bluesy riffs, and rocking solos. Add the lilting griot melodies from Amy Sacko, Bassekou’s wife, and the... MORE »
  • Sona is on stage singing into a microphone and plays an acoustic guitar. She has dark skin and hair that is breaded and wears a colorful shirt and gold earrings.
    April 22 2023
    Born into a griot family from The Gambia that includes her legendary cousin, Toumani Diabaté, Sona Jobarteh is the first woman within the tradition to become a professional virtuoso on the kora, a West African stringed instrument. Effortlessly blending different musical styles, Jobarteh and her... MORE »
  • Djavan wears a black hat with a large rim and wears a red shirt. He stands sideways but his head is facing forward
    After a 13-year hiatus, one of Brazil's greatest musical icons returns to the US for a major tour. Four-time Latin Grammy winner Djavan will present a brand-new show with his full band, featuring songs from his 25th studio album, D, as well as major hits from his 45-year career. Alongside new hit... MORE »
  • Cesaria Evora is smiling with their mouth open and their hands are raised. They are wearing a green and yellow patterned dress and are standing in front of a band.
    Paying tribute to the iconic singer, the Cesária Évora Orchestra Following Her Bare Footsteps Tour features the wildly talented musicians who regularly accompanied her along with famed Cabo Verdean singers Lucibela, Elida Almeida, Nancy Vieira, and Teófilo Chantre.  
  • Seckou Keita faces Omar Sosa who is facing the camera, the men are both laughing wearing all white
    May 05 2023
    One of Cuba’s most prolific jazz artists, pianist Omar Sosa and Senegalese kora master Seckou Keita create exquisitely beautiful music that spans jazz, Latin, and African influences. They are accompanied by inimitable Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo Ovalles.  Presented in association with City... MORE »
  • Aynur wears a black sleeveless dress with a red circle on the chest. They have black shoulder length curly hair and their face is turned upward.
    A cultural icon of the Kurdish people, Aynur infuses traditional Kurdish folk music with a contemporary sensibility all her own. Her stunning vocal style and success in the music world have allowed her to become a prominent representative of Kurdish people in Turkey and throughout the world.   “... MORE »
  • Three dancers all face forward with left legs swinging behind them.
    May 19 2023, May 20 2023, May 20 2023
    MacArthur Fellow Michelle Dorrance is “the most exciting and original choreographer in tap today" (New York Times). She honors tap dance’s unique American tradition while pushing the form rhythmically, aesthetically, and conceptually. The company performs excerpts from SOUNDspace and other works to... MORE »
  • Marisa stands center stage wearing a sparkling dress and tiara. She holds a brown guitar. Spotlights shine from behind her up to the sky, creating a halo effect
    Back popular demand, Brazilian diva Marisa Monte returns to North America in the summer of 2023! Releasing one wildly successful album after another, Marisa Monte is a four-time Latin Grammy-winner widely recognized as one of the greatest Brazilian singers of her generation.  She will perform songs... MORE »