3/29/2015 Zakir Hussain's Celtic Connections review

This is Charline, World Music/CRASHarts volunteer and avid supporter! Zakir Hussain and friends performed at the Somerville Theatre 3/29/2015, displaying masterful musicianship on the part of 3 Indians and 6 Celtic players from Scotland, Ireland, and Brittany in France, which is Celtic by heritage. I believe the Indians lent depth to the Celtic music and the Celts lent interest to the Indian music. The collaborations, when all 9 were playing, were the best. The rapport and mutual respect and affection onstage were infectious. The audience loved this program, brought to us from a sold-out concert at Carnegie Hall.  (From Carnegie Hall to the Somerville Theatre!  You have to love it.)  Click on Read More to see photos.

Zakir Hussain, tablaThe ensemble
Half the Celtic musicians

The IndiansThe other half of the Celtic musicians