CRASHfest 2016 pics and video!

It took me forever to go through the hundreds of photos our awesome photographers took. But I picked the best 50 or so, and added them to a Facebook album. Check it out here. If you see yourself, tag yourself! And share the album with your friends, so they'll know they can't miss next years CRASHfest! A few of my personal favorites are below, just to get a taste.

Angelique KidjoKishi BashiDrive By Press
CrowdDebo BandAngelique Kidjo
 Crowd 2Patriots fan Dhol Foundation 

To hold you over until next year's festival, here's a short video recap of footage from the January 24, 2016 CRASHfest. TAKE ME BACK! I miss it already. But as you all know, we've got a ton to keep you occupied until next year. Our full schedule of events, in the same spirit of CRASHfest, can be found here. We hope to see you again soon.

Thanks for joining us at the first ever (though now hopefully annual) CRASHfest. We were thrilled with the phenomenal performances from all of the artists, and we were so happy to see all the phenomenal humans that came out to experience it with us.