Best of 2016 - Staff Picks

2016 was a stellar year for World Music/CRASHarts! We held the inaugural CRASHfest, our indoor music festival at the House of Blues (and we can't wait to do it again 1/28/17!), and we presented over 50 other concerts that included nearly 10 Boston debut performances and featured artists from over 20 different countries. I rounded up our staff favorites of the year . . .

What was yours?

MAURE ARONSON (Executive Director)
Compagnie Hervé Koubi
"a stunning fusion of acrobatics, b-boying, and modern dance created a work of gravity defying spins
and athletic virtuosity that was at all times spellbinding and a transformative artistic creation."
SUSAN WEILER (Associate Director)
"It was just so much fun! I loved checking out all the different bands, hanging out in the foundation room
with the belly dancer, and watching everyone dance on stage with Angelique Kidjo.  Cant wait til CRASHfest 2017!"
JEN FORTIN (Marketing Director)
Asaf Avidan
"I've loved Asaf Avidan since we presented him solo the first time around and then with a full band a few
months later . . . but there was something truly special about this new solo performance. His voice is
totally unique and totally spellbinding. And what he does with all those instruments is just true musicianship."
CHERYL WEBER (Director of Development)
Qasida with Rosario La Tremendita and Mohammad Motamedi (part of Flamenco Festival 2016)
"The soaring voices of the two acclaimed Persian and Flamenco singers give rise to a pluralistic union of
classical and improvisational music that was other worldly." 

NILADRI SINHA (Box Office Manager)
Zoë Keating
"Musically I find it fascinating when people can think of their music in layers and loop it in a way to create such
incredible pieces. But it was also a show where I learned a great deal about what and how much goes into putting
on one of our shows."

ALEXANDRIA PETTERUTI (Associate Director of Development)
Boubacar Traoré