Passover Party! (released April 2, 2021)

Why is this album different from all other albums?

Well, it's the Ezekiel's Wheels Passover Party or, as we've started calling it, the Dayenu show. It would've been enough to create new music during a pandemic. It would've been enough to dance together on the internet. It would've been enough to turn it into a live show.

Yes, dayenu. It would've been enough. But then we turned it into an album, too, so you can listen to all the new music whenever you want!

And after you listen to the music, watch the full live show.


Khanike Chanukah Hannukah Janucá Party (released December 17, 2020)

Well, it took a pandemic, but we've finally recorded a holiday album.

We arranged, wrote, tracked, and edited everything at home for our 2020 streaming Khanike show.

And yes, there is video for each song. Check out youtube.com/ewklezmer for the full concert and individual videos.


The Thread | די פאָדעם (released October 19, 2019)

Chamber klezmer is an inherent contradiction—"chamber" implies art music, and klezmer implies dance music. As a chamber klezmer band, we walk this tightrope by crafting tight listening arrangements of Jewish dance music without sacrificing the rhythm and drive that get audiences on their feet.  

Here we make our first recorded foray into vocal music, taking a solid step in the direction of art. We explore Yiddish classics, original Yiddish and English texts, and the wordless tradition of the nign. But we continue to walk the line, using The Thread to bind together the expressiveness of song and the physicality of dance. We keep one foot squarely planted in dance music, as we must to energize the wedding horas that are still our bread and butter. 

The Thread winds its way from a wedding in the old world (“A Khosn on a Kale”) to a wedding in the new (“Dance”). It links the shtetls of Eastern Europe, the garment factories of the Lower East Side, and our home in modern America. And it ties the dance music that we play at every wedding to the art music that we perform in the concert hall. Take it for a spin! 

Thank you, Michael Winograd, Jeremy Sarna, Judy Bressler, Sasha Lurje, Barry Goldstein, Anna Schnur-Fishman, Zisl Slepovitch, Hankus Netsky, Tom Bianchi, Don Godwin, Philip Shaw Bova, Murphy Chang, the Iguana Music Fund at Club Passim for the initial grant to get this project started, and the 209 Kickstarter backers who funded us to finish it. 

. . . and a sheynem dank to all the Yiddish song enthusiasts at our shows who encouraged us to make a vocal album until we finally gave in. 

This album is dedicated to our families, and especially to AJ, Amy, Charles, Danielle, and Sara, who are always there for us. 

All arrangements by Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band unless otherwise noted. 


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