Program: Yamato

The Drummers of Japan

Saturday, April 08, 2023
Berklee Performance Center

Akiko Ogawa, Mika Miyazaki, Marika Nito, Jun Kato, Kenta Ono, Naoki Ekihiro, Nene Miura, Jo Nakamura, 
Daisuke Jonai, Tatsuya Iwaki, Genta Ogawa 

Artistic Director
Masa Ogawa 

Production Manager
Marika Nito 

Tour Manager
Satomi Ikeda 

Bill Cook, Eliza Wiley 

Marketing & Publicity
Rebecca Davis Public Relations 



“Hinotori” – The Wings of Phoenix 

The dawn is beginning to break again. 
Now is the time to get up.  
We have not been defeated 

Even though we hit the mountain that rises high
Even slipped and fallen into deep valleys
We've gotten back up again and again  

Just when we began to overconfidently believe that we could go anywhere 

Under the sky, on the earth 
We were confronted by the biggest mountain I'd ever seen 
We sank into a valley deeper than any valley I've ever slid down 

In the shadow of the huge mountain 
In the darkness of the pitch-black valley floor
We were swallowed up  

Despair and hope 
But we did not forget the sun that shone beyond
We continued to struggle and walk 
And now we see the light again 
Now is the time to rise again Fly high 


Flying high, clothed in sunshine 
We spread the wings of our burning souls 

We are Phoenix 


⽻ 撃 Habataki – Wingbeat 

Throughout history, humanity has persevered through countless challenges. Even now, as we live through tumultuous times, we are tossed and buffeted by the tumultuous waves. But even as we bear the weight of grief and sorrow, we will take flight like the phoenix rising from the ashes. 
The beating of our hearts, resonating within our bodies, will transform into wings, and carry us aloft. 


遠 ⾳ Toon – Tone 

The various lives we live, the diverse landscapes, the human tapestry, our likes and dislikes, Our daily lives and this world, and you and I, all painted in a spectrum of hues. If we listen closely, we can hear the melody of distant places. 


熱 情 Netsujoh – Passion 

A burning, intense feeling that wells up within the heart, A soul that blazes like fire within the body. With that flame as our guiding light, we walk forward, Carrying our passion aloft, beating our taiko drums. 


魂 響 Tamayura – The Sound of Soul 

The moment when two perfect spheres touch, the sound that echoes forth. A fleeting eternity, where hearts that never stay still and hearts that are forever free meet. Let each sound, each note, resound and harmonize.  


マスラオ Masurao – The Brave Heart 

For centuries, the Japanese taiko drum has been a constant source of courage for people. As the centerpiece of festivals celebrating life, people were drawn to its sound, singing and dancing. The robust sound instills the courage to live and the courage to fight. Let us play it now, this sound of courage in this place, today. 


楽 打 Rakuda – Joy of the Beat 

Rakuda is a coined word, combining the characters for "enjoyment" and "to play the drum." The sound (pronunciation) of the word is inspired by the animal rakuda (“camel”) in Japanese. The song “Joy of the Beat” is conceived to convey a sense of ease and freedom from care like the animal rakuda, which wanders aimlessly through the endless desert, with a sense of joy—that's what we mean by "Rakuda," considered one of Yamato's most representative pieces as the troupe continues to perform it while traveling the world endlessly. 


烈 ⽕ Rekka – Wildfire 

As the name suggests, this song embodies the meaning of a fierce, burning flame. Through the taiko drum, those who spar and strive together scatter sparks. The energy of heartbeats that clash with rich individuality. Before long, the heartbeats synchronize. 


我 楽 多 Garakuta – Odds and Ends 

Odds and ends are things that have become useless and have no purpose. But they are not trash; they may be someone's treasure. The title, written in kanji, means, "I have fun." Maybe I have a reason to be born in this world, but I don't serve much purpose . . But still, I think in my own way, and I'm alive today. 

It's a comical song that uses small hand cymbals called chappa instead of Japanese taiko drums.  


炎 ⼈ Enzin – Ball of Fire 

Fall seven times, stand up eight, let's do our best. Even if we fall, we will rise again. Sleeping too much when tired is not good for the body. Let's push forward without thinking about minor details. Things will happen if you make them happen. If you don't do anything, nothing will happen. Today, too, full throttle ahead! 


YAMATO – The Drummers of Japan are represented by: 
7 West 54th Street 
New York, NY 

TEL: (212) 994-3533 ~ FAX: (212) 994-3550
[email protected] 

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