Suitcase Stories livestream

Thank you for tuning in to the Suitcase Stories virtual event. 

This free series of virtual events is our way of staying connected with you and supporting artists during this pandemic. We want to be there for you as soon as we can, and your support—at whatever level—will ensure that. If you believe in our mission, the artists we present, and our importance to the local community, please donate today.

All funds received through this page will be split between Global Arts Live and International Institute of New England. That means your gift has double the meaning—helping to keep Global Arts (a)Live and supporting IINE who has been serving immigrants and refugees since 1918.

When making a donation, please consider what you would have paid if you were seeing this live, in person. That ticket would cost at least $30. If 2 of you are watching this livestream, it would have cost you $60. If you are able to donate more, please consider adding in what you saved on parking, dinner, drinks, etc!