Oliver Mtukudzi Member Reception

Thanks to our wonderful Development Director, Cheryl Weber and Development Associate, Lauren Schlukbier, we hosted a very lovely event for our Supporter level ($100+) and above Members. What a wonderful time! Great food, great wine and beer, great company and a great special guest, Oliver Mtukudzi himself! If you want to be invited to great things like that, become a member! It's tax deductible and honestly, it keeps us going. It allows us to continue to do what we do best, present amazing concerts. 

Take a look at some pictures below and if you are in one, share with your friends! 

Thanks for the continued support, and we will see you at the Stars of Flamenco after-party on March 8! 

Review of Fanfare Ciocarlia

A review of the SOLD OUT Fanfare Ciocarlia performance (our first of the Winter/Spring 2014 season!) by one of my new favorite patrons Yvonne Brunot!

Last Wednesday, January 15th, was nodoubt a day of routine pleasantry for most of the population of Somerville, MA. The year of 2014 is in its infancy, yet the warm holiday glow of past weeks had faded, and the lives of most have returned to the rhythms of daily life.

Except at Johnny D's.

Maure's Pick of the Week #1

I finally got a World Music/CRASHarts OFFICIAL blog! And I am so excited to share with you all the things I find online that keep me entertained. Here will be the place where you find updates to our concert season, special contests, items of interest, and general musings. I do hope you follow us regularly and I ask that you share anything you like with your friends via social media. All those links out there that eventually lead back to our website, help more people see our site and discover our concerts. 


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