THE LANGAN BAND at Crystal Ballroom at Somerville Theatre

The Langan Band trio sit in front of the steps of an old building playing a fiddle, a bass guitar, and strumming a guitar. The photo is black and white.
The Langan Band trio sit down together in a wooded area, looking into the camera. The photo is black and white.
The Langan Band trio stand together looking into the camera in a wooded area, a black dog sits in front of them. The photo is black and white.

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The Langan Band
Sunday, September 22 2024 7:30PM EDT
55 Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144
$20, $22, $25, $28
Cabaret seating
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Scottish folk trio The Langan Band has carved out its own virtuosic path of utterly irresistible sounds with fiddler Alastair Caplin, singer and guitarist John Langan, and bassist Dave Tunstall. Their innovative approach to folk and tradition has Folk Radio U proclaiming, “Conventions are abandoned with a recklessness that borders on the insane. . . . That a few guys from Glasgow could conspire to create such an immense sound between them is not unprecedented, but to achieve this with such lyrical and instrumental flair is a rare, rare thing.” 

The Langan Band — Leg of Lamb (Live at Eastgate Theatre - Peebles)

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