Our Work in the Community

This past year, World Music/CRASHarts offered greater Boston neighborhoods a variety of engagement and education activities that provided unifying community experiences and professional development.  

A sampling of our community programming includes: 

Thinking of coming to CRASHfest 2017?

Here's what folks had to say about last years inaugural CRASHfest!

Not to toot our own horns . . . but read this too!
"Was CRASHfest Boston's best music event ever or was that just my imagination?"
"This Boston event was fantastic, a veritable three-ring circus of cultural artistry, good food, and at the House of Blues an awesome venue. I eagerly anticipate its next iteration."
"Tell me you’re going to make this an annual event!! I’ve already told all my friends what a fabulous array of musicians you had and they plan on coming next year. The House of Blues was the perfect venue. Bhangra funk and belly dancers, Ganesh and Guan Yin illuminated by candlelight, surrounded by walls smothered in a patchwork of exotic tapestry.  Is this for real?  Pinch me. Best of all, tell me where else we could hear a line-up of completely unfamiliar, diverse artists and fall in love with every act? Good on you, CRASHarts. You do justice to the music of the world."

Best of 2016 - Staff Picks

2016 was a stellar year for World Music/CRASHarts! We held the inaugural CRASHfest, our indoor music festival at the House of Blues (and we can't wait to do it again 1/28/17!), and we presented over 50 other concerts that included nearly 10 Boston debut performances and featured artists from over 20 different countries. I rounded up our staff favorites of the year . . .

What was yours?


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