Guest post: This is why we do what we do

Our Development Director, Cheryl, approached James Buzard, a well-traveled writer and major fan of world music, to write a guest post that might be able to put into words why we do what we do here at World Music/CRASHarts. Its the power of the music and the respect for the artists. Its the community we build during our concerts and performances. Based on his credentials alone, I think he can describe the passion for world music better and more articularly than I can! 

Read, enjoy, share, comment. 

Goodbye from Intern Drew

Today is my last day as an intern at World Music/CRASHarts, and I already miss it. I came to this company because I supported the shows that they presented. As I leave, I will remember the friendly faces, the accepting atmosphere, and the valuable things that I’ve had the opportunity to learn during my time here. Although I am sad to leave, I know that I will see everyone from the office at future shows, running behind the scenes to make each and every performance as incredible as the last.

Thanks World Music/CRASHarts, see you later!

Finding Their Roots!

Slave trade separated families and destroyed communities all across Africa.  Forced to travel across the seas, these “stolen people” also had to forsake their rich African culture preserved for generations through music, dance and oral story-telling traditions, leaving behind their cultural heritage.   Recently, I read an amazing article about a small community of Cubans from the Gangá-Longobá ethnic group who, through music and dance passed down from their grandparents and great-grandparents, have been able to trace their ancestral roots back to a small village in Sierra Leone.  


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