CRASHfest 2016 pics and video!

It took me forever to go through the hundreds of photos our awesome photographers took. But I picked the best 50 or so, and added them to a Facebook album. Check it out here. If you see yourself, tag yourself! And share the album with your friends, so they'll know they can't miss next years CRASHfest! A few of my personal favorites are below, just to get a taste.

Flamenco Festival 2016!

FLAMENCO FESTIVAL 2016 is back in Boston! Now celebrating its 15th year, the Flamenco Festival is dedicated to the powerful art of flamenco, featuring the finest dancers and musicians from Spain, March 5-20 at the Berklee Performance Center, 136 Massachusetts Ave., Boston.

Boston Globe celebrates World Music/CRASHarts

A message from our Executive Director, Maure Aronson:

"So much has changed in 25 years. From discovering new artists on cassette tapes to YouTube links. What has not changed is the fantastic music and dance that artists create and that we have the opportunity to share with the adventurous and amazing audiences of greater Boston. Thanks to all the artists, agents, managers, crew, funders, fellow globalistas and the most amazing staff, volunteers and interns that have made us who we are today. Hope to see many Boston friends at CRASHfest and other concerts this winter and spring."

Boston Globe article

To read the full article online, click here

Special thanks to The Boston Globe for the incredible support, and to Siddhartha Mitter for his commitment in representing the world music community in print.


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